Camp Minden M6

As of April - May 2016


The successful operation of the Contain Burn System (CBS) chamber batch destruction of M6 began on April 13, 2016 with no issues.  The EPA has provided continuous oversight of the operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Louisiana Military Department's contractor, Explosive Service International (ESI), began the first batch destruction with 88 lbs and hs continued to ramp up operations to a batch volume of 880 lbs.  According to ESI, the Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) parameters have shown no elevated measurements and have mostly been non-detectable.  Engineers have been optimizing the system, ensuring that the safety interlocks are communicating, and adjusting parameters and procedures as needed. This ramp-up phase is important to condition the system as it will operate in full production mode.

ESI is providing daily updates on their website,  The public is able to see information concerning the CEMs, the amount of M6 destroyed (volume and percentage), and community air monitoring from four surrounding locations:  Haughton Fire Department, Princeton Middle School, Camp Minden Main Gate, and Camp Minden Fire School. The website will also show the amount of M6 destroyed in the last 24-hour operational period. 

The EPA continues to attend the monthly Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) meetings to ensure concerns from the community are addressed and to provide both technical information and coordination of general information on the path going forward.

Through a Technical Assistance Services to Communities (TASC) contract, the EPA has assigned a TASC contractor who is providing independent technical expertise to the CAG.


Future Actions:

The Comprehensive Performance Test (CPT), will be conducted following the ramp up phase to allow the EPA and LDEQ to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the CBS.  After the laboratory results are returned, LMD will submit the CPT report to the EPA. After verification that the system is operating as intended and is meeting the emissions standards, the EPA will give LMD permission to proceed.  Subsequent tests are scheduled quarterly, compared to the five-year regulatory requirement.


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