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Bistineau Task Force Minutes 1-24-2013
Jan 30, 2013 --


January 24, 2013 - 10:15A.M.

Webster Parish Police Jury

410 Main Street – 2ndFloor- Minden, Louisiana


ATTENDING:  Billy W. Montgomery, Bossier PJ-Chairman; Jim Bonsall, Webster PJ; Charles Walker, Webster PJ; Steve Ramsey, Webster PJ; Glenn Benton, Bossier PJ; Bill Altimus, Bossier PJ; Greg Wilson, Bienville PJ;  Don Moore, Bienville PJ; David Lowe, Dorcheat SWCD.; Rick Yager, Dorcheat SWCD.; Elmore Morris, Bodcau SWCD.; Shannon Mendenhall, Bodcau SWCD; and Pete Camp, At Large.

ABSENT:   Bill Conley, Saline SWCD; Tony Lawson, Bienville PJ;

SPECIAL ASSISTANCE:  Ellzey Simmons, Trailblazer; Ronda Carnahan, Webster PJ; Evan Thames, LA DWF; and Olivia Ward, Trailblazer


Chairman, Billy W. Montgomery called the meeting to order.  Elmore Morris opened the meeting with Prayer and Jim Bonsall led in the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Louisiana State Representative Gene Reynolds spoke to the Task Force and guest concerning upcoming legislation to help provide funding for Lake Bistineau.  Patrick Jackson, ADA for Bossier and Webster Parish will draft the legislation to designate that 30% of the state portion of mineral rights from lake bottoms will be dedicated to Bistineau.  The deadline for filing the bill for this session is March.  Representative Reynolds stated that public opinion and public input will help to push the bill through.


Chairman, Billy Montgomery gave opening comments to begin the Bistineau Task Force Meeting.   The agenda was reviewed.


Secretary, Ronda Carnahan called roll of the Committee Members.


The minutes of the July meeting was presented for review.  Mr. Jim Bonsall moved to approve the minutes as presented.  There being no objection, the minutes were approved.


Committee Reports:

Mr. Billy Montgomery reported that Mr. George McConathy had submitted his resignation to the Task Force.  It was also discussed that Mr. Bill Conly was having some health issues and it may be necessary for these two men to be replaced on the Saline SWCD. 


Members are urged to present proposed projects for the Bistineau Task Force to consider.  Mr. Montgomery asked that members submit projects to Evan Thames, LDWF; or Ellzey Simmons, Trailblazer, so that a 2013 Plan for the Bistineau Task Force can be implemented.


Mr. Pete Camp gave the Fund raising report.  There is a balance in the account of approximately $11,000.00.  The Air Boat w/ decals and the UTV w/ decals have been purchased. 


Mr. Bill Altimus discussed the landings that are accessible during draw down.  Mr. Bob Brotherton, Bossier Parish Police Jury explained how that Bossier had constructed a low water access launch.  Bossier is also working on “dry camps”. 


Mr. Steve Micinski, LSU Ag Center, Red River Research Station in Bossier City spoke to the Task Force concerning the “weevil research” for controlling the Giant Salvinia.  Mr. Micinski is putting a proposal together for the project, and will report back to the Task Force.


The next item on the agenda is Evan Thames, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.  Evan gave an update on the use of the airboat and the UTV, and the status of the Drawdown.  The gates will close on January 31, 2013.


Some of the Task Force Members were not notified of the drawdown.  Mr. Charles Walker asked that the information be forwarded to the Task Force Members as soon as possible.  The purpose of the BTF is to keep a communication link between the LAWF and the citizens and residents of Lake Bistineau.


Evan then spoke concerning the status of the Giant Salvinia.  He stated that there is a total of 900 acres with 50% having viable plant material.  He then explained the helicopter spray and told the BTF that the State has established a state wide procedure of spray with specific chemicals. 


Other points that Mr. Thames brought out are:

*That LDWF stocks the weaves and chooses the species that are most tolerant to our region. 

*Giant Salvinia (Salvinia molesta) is in every lake in the region.

*Bistineau is now not the worst infestation of Salvinia.

*On complaints, there can be up to two week turn-around from complaint to implementation.

*Alligator weed should not be so bad this coming season.

Minutes of the Bistineau Task Force – January 24, 2013 CONTINUED:



*Concerning cutting the trees, Private Landowners that own the lake bottom may cut the trees when the water is down.  NO- for state owned land.  NO - to private landowners.

*Bistineau is stocked with Florida Bass each year, and there is no deterrent to fishing.


Mr. Ellzey Simmons reminded the group of the need to develop plans for what the BTF will accomplish in 2013.


The Bistineau Task Force will meet every two months on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 10:15 A.M...  January, March, May, July, and September.  Other meetings may be called if needed.


Audience Questions:

Beaver Dams—a lake resident asked about beaver dam that is blocking the access.  This is in the Salt Works Area of the Lake.  Evan Thames will get with the landowner and let her know how to contact the Federal Contractor that is with the LDWF to take care of beaver dams. 


Boom at Port of Bistineau – Evan will have sprayed and the boom will be removed probably this coming week.


Boat Lane Signs – Bill Altimus stated that Bossier and Webster Parish provided boat name signs.  Evan told him that the signs will be installed when the Lake reaches pool stage.  It is unsafe to do this with the lake down.


Cabins at State Park – reports that the cabins were not useable.  Had loggers that did damage to the trails, and short staffed currently.  Requested help with chain saws and equipment needed to remove trees and debris from trails.  Cabins are fine.


Don Moore, new Task Force Member from Bienville Police Jury thanked the Task Force for the opportunity to join the team and looks forward to working with all the members.


Mr. Ellzey Simmons presented Billy Montgomery a gift for his dedication to the Task Force.  The gift is a monogramed jacket (BTF Logo).


There being no further business, Mr. Steve Ramsey moved, seconded by Mr. Jim Bonsall to adjourn the meeting. 



Respectfully submitted,

Ronda Carnahan, Secretary



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