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Bid #001-2013 Invitation to Bid
Feb 1, 2013 --

Invitation to Bid

Webster Parish Police Jury

Bid # 001-2013



January 23, 2013






Sealed bids will be received by the Webster Parish Police Jury until the hour of 2:00 p.m. (CST) Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at which time bids will be opened and read aloud in the 3rdFloor Police Jury Meeting Room, Webster Parish Courthouse, 410 Main Street, Minden, LA   71055, for the purchase of:


1-   One (1) 2013 or newer Tandem Diesel Truck and 14 Foot Dump Bed with 13-15 Yard Capacity.   Your bid may be submitted electronically by going to www.bidsync.comand registering online.

2-  One (1) 2013 or newer Tandem Diesel Truck for Lowboy Application.


Your bid may be submitted electronically by going to www.bidsync.comand registering online.

If you have questions concerning the bid, please contact Teddy Holloway at 318-371-3145.





Ronda C. Carnahan












General Conditions:

Submission of Bids:

A prepared bid form is included for your convenience. Your bid must be submitted on this form and only one (1) bid form will be accepted from each bidder. All bids must be addressed to the Webster Parish Police Jury P.O. Box 389, Minden, LA 71058. The bid opening date and the bid item is to be filled out on the outside of the sealed bid envelope. 


Sales Tax:

Act 1029 of the 1991 Louisiana Legislative Session provides an exception and exclusion from both state and local sales and use taxes on purchases for municipalities/parishes.


Method of Award:

The award will be based on the lowest responsive bid received.


Bid Withdrawal:

A bid may be withdrawn by the bidder if done by affidavit within 48 hours of the bid opening, but only for patently obvious, unintentional, and substantial mechanical, clerical, or mathematical errors. After such time, the bid shall remain firm for a period of 30 days after bid opening.


Late Bids:

It shall be the sole responsibility of the bidder to see that the Webster Parish Police Jury receives his/her bid on time.  The Police Jury does not assume responsibility for late deliveries by the U. S. Postal Service or any other delivery service.


Permits, Taxes and Fees:

All bids submitted must include the price of any business and professional licenses, permits, taxes and fees as required by Federal, State, or local Governmental Agencies. On any public works bid submitted in the amount or $50,000 or more the contractor shall certify that he or she is licensed under Louisiana Revised Statute 37:2150 and show his or her license number on the bid envelope.


Bid Format:

All bids must be submitted using the format provided and must be signed by an official of the firm who has legal authorization to obligate the bidder to the terms of said specifications. Altered or incomplete bid invitations, or use of substitute formats may render the bid non-responsive. All prices must be printed in ink or typewritten. No bid shall be altered or amended after time specified for opening.







Mistakes After Bid Opening:

Ambiguous bids, which are uncertain as to the terms, delivery, quantity, service or compliance with specifications, may be declared as non-responsive. Bids containing patently obvious mechanical, clerical, or mathematical errors may be withdrawn by the bidder if clear and convincingly sworn, written evidence is furnished to the Police Jury Office within 48 hours of the bid opening excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Legal Holidays. Under no circumstances can a bidder be allowed to raise their unit price(s) as contained in the initial bid. A bidder who attempts to withdraw a bid under provisions of this section shall not be allowed to resubmit a bid on the same contract if it is re-advertised (R.S. 38-224 C).


Bid Evaluation:

Bids may be held by the Police Jury Office for a period not to exceed thirty days (30) from the date of the opening of bids for the purpose of reviewing the bids and investigating the qualifications of the bidder prior to awarding of the contract. However, the Police Jury and the lowest responsible bidder may, by mutual written consent, agree to extend the deadline forward by one or more extensions of thirty (30) calendar days (R.S. 38:2215 A, Act 1031 of 1997).



The successful bidder shall indemnify and hold harmless the Webster Parish Police Jury and all Parish Officers, agents and employees from all suits or claims of any character brought by reason of infringing on any patent trademark or copyright. 


Bidder Qualification:

Successful bidder(s) must, upon request of the Police Jury, furnish satisfactory evidence of their ability to furnish products or services in accordance with the terms and conditions of these specifications. Consideration will be given only to the contractor/vendor who can produce conclusive evidence that they can provide adequate capital and credit rating sufficient to complete all operations under this contract.


Bidders Responsibility:

Each bidder shall fully acquaint themselves with conditions relating to the scope and restrictions attending the execution of the work under the conditions of this bid.


Bid Tabulation Request:

If bid tabulation is desired, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Bid tabulations will be made available as soon as possible after bid opening.


Affirmative Action:

The successful bidder will take affirmative action in complying with all Federal and State requirements concerning fair employment and employment of the disabled, and concerning the treatment of all employees, without regard to race, religion, sex, age, national origin, or physical disability.




Clarification of Bid Documents:

Bidders requiring additional information may submit their question(s) in writing to the attention of the Webster Police Jury. Answers to questions received that will change or clarify the solicitation will be provided to all firms that have received an original invitation to bid.


Item Substitutions:

Requests for approval of substitutes must be submitted to the Police Jury Office at least (7) working days prior to bid opening.


Compliance with Laws:

By submission of a bid, all vendors agree that they are in compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws pertaining to the bid, including but not limited to, Louisiana Revised Statutes 14:133, which states that, “Whoever commits the crime of filing false public records shall be imprisoned for not more than five years…or shall be fined not more than five thousand dollars, or both.”


Proprietary Information:

Bidders are to visibly mark as “Confidential” each part of their bid, which they consider to be proprietary information.



Whenever the Webster Parish Police Jury provides quantities or usages, these are estimates only. No guarantee or warranty is given or implied by the Police Jury as to the total amount that may or may not be purchased.



Delivery will be Sibley, Louisiana. Contact Mr. Teddy Holloway at (318) 371-3145 to schedule delivery.  Cost of delivery to be included in bid price.







Bid Opening date and time:              February 26, 2013 – 2:00 p.m., CST



To: Webster Parish Police Jury  







We propose to furnish

1-   One (1) 2013 or newer Tandem Diesel Truck and 14 Foot Dump Bed with 13-15 Yard Capacity.   Your bid may be submitted electronically by going to www.bidsync.comand registering online.

2-  One (1) 2013 or newer Tandem Diesel Truck for Lowboy Application.


In accordance with the specifications covered in the Invitation to Bid at the price quoted below.    


Price:  1- 2013 Tandem Diesel Truck w/ Dump Bed      $___________________________


Price:  1- 2013 Tandem Diesel Truck for LowBoy         $___________________________


Bidders must acknowledge all addenda.  The Bidder acknowledges receipt of the following ADDENDA: (Enter the number the Designer has assigned to each of the addenda that the Bidder is acknowledging) _________________________________




The undersigned bidder declares that he/she has specific and legal authorization to obligate himself/herself and or his/her firm to the terms of this bid, and further, that he/she has examined the Invitation to Bid, the Instructions to Bidder, and the Specifications, and hereby agrees that if this bid is accepted, he/she will fulfill the terms of the bid.


Submitted by:



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