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Abandonment of Servitude
Oct 22, 2014 --


PARISH OF WEBSTER                                      WP Clerk File

ROAD #    A Section of Walker Road   

                               WP # 193E           

PRESENTED:        10/07/2014           

PUBLIC HEARING:     11/ 04/2014    






135 Feet at the End of Walker Road -  WP# 193E



*Right of Way :  A right of way of the Webster Parish Police Jury Road Maintenance Department, listed as Webster Parish Road # 193 E / Walker Road – 135 Feet at the End of the Parish Maintained Right of Way—1533 Feet will remain in the Road Maintenance System.  The Right of way is located in T 17N / R10W – Section 24.  Walker Road is off of the Diamond T- (from 371 / to Woodmill Road / to Lake Road / to Diamond T Road) . 

*The Road Dead Ends at the Byron Patterson Property.

*Landowners on the Walker Road are:  Byron L. Patterson – the only landowner on the section to be abandonded.  Junior Lee Jolley and Beatty Logging C., LLC are landowners on the section that will remain in the Road System and Bobby Glen Warren property is outside of the roadway, but the section to be abandoned ends at his property.

The Webster Parish Police Jury is to consider the abandonment of servitude of Webster Parish Road Right of Way that is 135 feet at the end of Walker Road, WP# 193E leaving 1533 feet of right of way from the end of the Patterson Property north to the intersection of Diamond T Road.


A Public Hearing is to be held on November 4, 2014 with notice properly served 10 days prior to this hearing to all legal landholders and Notice is posted at the Webster Parish Courthouse for 10 Days prior to this hearing.


Action taken at the  Public Hearing and further action as the Police Jury on this date:





October 7, 2014:  Jury vote to call for a Public Hearing on November 4, 2014 


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