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Proposal For Debis Removal and Disposal Services
Mar 23, 2016 --






The Webster Parish Police Jury solicits sealed proposals for the following:




            The proposals must be in hand of the undersigned no later than 4:30 p.m. Friday April 1, 2016 in the             third floor meeting room of the Webster Parish Courthouse, 410 Main Street, Minden, Louisiana 71055.


            Procurement Documents may be obtained at: Webster Parish Courthouse 410 Main St.

             Minden, LA 71055 Room 302


            Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Webster Parish Police Jury at (318) 377-7564



            The Webster Parish Police Jury is a tax exempt governmental agency. The Webster Parish Police Jury            complies with the State of Louisiana Pubic Bid Law as stated on LA R.S. 38:2211


            The Webster Parish Police Jury will accept bids in accordance with Louisiana Public Bid Law Statues.





                                                                                                WEBSTER PARISH POLICE JURY

                                                                                                Ronda C. Carnahan

                                                                                                Secretary- Treasurer







            March 22, 2016

            March 24, 2016

            March 29, 2016








RFP # 2016-100_








Issued By:

Webster Parish Police Jury






Date of Issue:  March  21, 2016

Due Date/Time for Receipt of Proposals: April 1, 2016, 4:30 p.m




RFP NO. _2016-100_


The Webster Parish Police Jury (“WPPJ”) requests proposals from qualified contractors for Debris Removal and Disposal Services.  This solicitation by the WPPJ will result in the selection of an experienced firm to remove and lawfully dispose of debris from public property and public right-of-ways.



The Webster Parish Police Jury (“WPPJ”) is the governing authority of Webster Parish, Louisiana.  Beginning March 8, 2016, Webster Parish experienced torrential rains that resulted in widespread flooding.  The Parish President declared a state of emergency on the morning of March 9, 2016, and the President of the United States made a federal disaster declaration on March 13, 2016 (FEMA-4263-DR-LA).



The WPPJ seeks to obtain proposals from qualified firms to perform the collection, removal, processing and/or disposal of debris that has resulted from the flooding event described above.  The services responsive to this proposal are to be performed in the affected areas of the unincorporated portions of Webster Parish, Louisiana.  The potential contract awarded as a result of this procurement will be a “requirements” contract, with no quantities guaranteed. The WPPJ will negotiate an agreement with the proposer whose proposal is the most responsive to this RFP and determined to best serve the interests of the WPPJ and its citizens. The WPPJ reserves the right to reject any or all responses. The selected Service Provider must coordinate with the WPPJ to ensure that debris removal is performed in an efficient and effective manner in compliance with all eligibility criteria for FEMA’s PA Program.  Such work shall be performed in accordance with state and federal regulations, guidelines and laws regarding disposal of the debris following a natural disaster or destructive event.                               


1.1.2  Goals and Objectives


 It is the WPPJ’s intent to ensure that all work performed pursuant to the contract is eligible for funding/reimbursement through FEMA’s PA Program and performed in accordance with FEMA regulations, policies, and guidelines, as well as with any other applicable state or federal regulations, policies, and guidelines.


At all times, the Service Provider shall take direction from the WPPJ through the Parish President or his designee. Direction by the WPPJ in this contract may also mean direction by a Debris Management Consultant (the “Monitor”).


The WPPJ will procure this contract through a good faith, competitive process.  Unfortunately, the exigencies of the pending emergency and the threat to public health and safety presented by the growing amount of debris resulting from this disaster require that the selection process be greatly expedited.





The objective of the RFP and subsequent contracting activity is to secure the services of an experienced contractor who is capable of efficiently removing large volumes of disaster-generated debris from a large area in a timely and cost-effective manner and lawfully disposing of all debris.  The successful proposer(s) (CONTRACTOR) must be capable of assembling, directing, and managing a work force that can complete the debris management operations in a maximum of 120 days.




CONTRACTOR or Contractor – the successful proposer(s)

Debris Management Team – The team staffed by the WPPJ, Debris Management Consultant and the CONTRACTOR.


Debris Management Consultant – A Consultant retained by the WPPJ to manage administrative aspects of the recovery process including processing FEMA submittals.


Debris – Scattered items and materials either broken, destroyed, or displaced by a disaster. Example: trees, construction and demolition material, personal property.


FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency


FHWA – Federal HighwayAdministration


DMS – Debris Management Site





The qualified firm will develop and present the scope of services, meeting the WPPJ needs. The work to be undertaken includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Debris Removal



  1. Debris Removal from Public Property – Removal of debris from public rights-of-way. Removal of debris beyond public rights-of-way as necessary to abate imminent and/or significant threats to the public health and safety of the community. These areas may include vacant public lands, operational facilities, utility facilities and other land owned by the WPPJ, it may be necessary to make several trips through a neighborhood as debris is moved to the ROW. In this case the loads will need to be documented separately, per the instructions of the WPPJ and the Debris Management Consultant.
  2. White Goods – The Contractor may expect to encounter white goods available for disposal. White goods will constitute household appliances as defined in the Administrative Code. The Contractor will dispose of all white goods encountered in accordance with applicable Federal, State and local laws.




  •       Debris Processing


  1. Debris Management Site (DMS) –The Contractor may lease/own, prepare and maintain DMS facilities to accept and process all eligible storm debris. Preparation and maintenance of facilities shall include maintenance of the DMS approach and interior road(s) for the entire period of debris hauling, including provision of rock for any roads that require stabilization for ingress and egress. Each facility shall include a roofed inspection tower sufficient for a minimum of three (3) inspectors for the inspection of all incoming and exiting loads. The contractor will be responsible for obtaining any required permits, which shall be paid at cost by the WPPJ. At the WPPJ’s discretion, owned rights of way or other entity owned property could be provided for temporary storage of debris.


The only Pre-Approved DMS site the WPPJ has in place is its “Webster Parish Police Jury- Crichton Road Debris Site(off of Hwy 531 at the I-20 Exit in Southern Webster Parish.  This site is Pre-Approved for Vegetative burning open and Vegetative staging.


The debris generated by this flooding event appears to consist primarily of the construction waste and debris, white goods, etc. that are the typical result of residential flooding.


  1.  The contractor may also process debris by disposal at a properly permitted landfill, in accordance with the rules, regulations and permits of such landfill.


  1. All debris shall be processed in accordance with local, State and Federal law, standards and regulations. Processing shall include, but is not limited to, reduction by tub grinding and/or incineration when approved by the WPPJ. Prior to reduction, all debris shall be segregated between vegetative debris, construction and demolition debris, recyclable debris, white goods and hazardous waste.


  1. Generated Hazardous Waste Abatement – Abatement of hazardous waste identified by the WPPJ in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, standards and regulations.


e.   Debris Disposal – Disposal of all eligible debris, reduced debris, ash residue and other products of the debris management process in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, standards and regulations. The Contractor shall be responsible for paying all landfill-tipping fees and provide all required documentation to the Debris Management Consultant needed to receive eligible reimbursement through FEMA and FHWA for such fees. Disposal costs shall be treated as a “pass through” to the WPPJ.
















2.3.      Documentation and Records


  1. Documentation and Inspections – Storm debris shall be subject to inspection by the WPPJ and their Debris Management Consultant. Inspections will be to insure compliance with the contract and applicable local, State and Federal laws. The Contractor will, at all times, provide the WPPJ access to all work sites and disposal areas. The Contractor, the WPPJ and Debris Management Consultant will have in place at any DMS or landfill used by the Contractor personnel to verify and maintain records regarding the contents and cubic yards of the vehicles entering and leaving the DMS. The Debris Management Consultant will coordinate data recordation and information management systems, including but not limited to:
    • Prepare detailed estimates and submit to FHWA and FEMA for use in Project Worksheet preparation.
    • Implement and maintain a disaster debris management system linking load ticket and DMS information, including reconciliation and photographic documentation processes.
    • Provide daily, weekly or other periodic reports for WPPJ managers and the Debris Management Consultant, noting work progress and efficiency, current/revised estimates, project completion and other schedule forecasts/updates.

The Contractor shall provide all requested information to the Debris Management Consultant that is necessary for proper documentation. WPPJ employees shall review all documentation prior to submittal. The Contractor will work closely with the FEMA and other applicable State and Federal agencies to ensure that eligible debris collection and data documenting appropriately address concerns of the likely reimbursement agencies. The Debris Management Consultant will coordinate this work. Discrepancies in what is required of the Contractor must immediately be brought to the attention of the Debris Management Team.


b.   Documentation and Recovery Process – The Contractor will provide the following assistance in addition to debris removal:

  • Recovery process documentation – create recovery process documentation plan
  • Maintain documentation of recovery process
  • Provide written and oral status reports as requested to the WPPJ Debris Management Consultant
  • Review documentation for accuracy and quantity
  • Assist in preparation of claim documentation.


c.   DMS Site Reclamation – Site reclamation shall be accomplished in accordance with all Federal, State and local laws, standards and regulations. Site reclamations shall be accomplished in accordance with the Contractor’s Debris Removal Operations Plan and Environmental Protection Plan.












2.4.      Work Areas


a.  Work Areas – The WPPJ will establish and approve all areas that the Contractor will be allowed to work. These include Right of Way, public land and DMS. The Contractor will remove all eligible debris and leave the site from which the debris was removed in a clean and neat condition.

b.   Working Hours – All activity associated with gathering and loading of eligible debris shall be performed during visible daylight hours only. Hauling of eligible debris to the DMS will be allowed during visible daylight hours only between dawn and dusk. The Contractor may work during these hours, seven (7) days per week including holidays. It is understood between the parties that at any DMS, debris reduction may take place twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days per week if the Contractor deems it necessary to meet the work demand, subject to WPPJ approval. WPPJ approval shall consider safety and impacts to surrounding land uses such as occupied residential areas. The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining sites to stage equipment, such as trucks, while not in use.


c.   Priority of Work Areas – The WPPJ will establish and approve all areas that the Contractor will be allowed to work. Daily and/or weekly scheduled meetings will be held to determine approved work areas. The Contractor shall remove all eligible debris and leave the site from which the debris was removed in a clean and neat condition. There will be certain debris that is not picked up by equipment, machinery and general laborers used by the Contractor. Determination of when a site is in a clean and neat condition will be at the reasonable judgement of the WPPJ or its Monitoring Consultant..


d.   Safety – The Contractor shall have at least one Safety Officer onsite. The safety officer shall be familiar with and properly trained to perform the assigned Safety Officer duties. All work zones shall conform to Standards and all work sites/conditions shall conform to all applicable Federal, State and local safety standards.







3.1 A prospective service provider’s response to this RFP should include the following

information at a minimum. Please note that the proposal should address the requirements in a clear and concise manner in the order stated herein. Proposals must be tabbed as follows and must include the information/documents specified in the applicable tab. Proposals that do not adhere to the following format or include the requested information/documents may be considered  incomplete and therefore unresponsive by the WPPJ.

  • The WPPJ reserves the right to seek additional/supplemental information on specific issues as needed.


  • Respondents must include evidence of their ability to produce a bid bond in the amount of $1,000.00with an A rated surety Company.


  • Successful Offeror shall furnish within five (5) consecutive business days after written notice, a Payment and Performance Bond in an amount equal to 100% of the total amount of the contract







In a sealed envelope, provide an ORIGINAL, so identified and three (3) complete copies of your qualification proposal for services defined herein for the term of the contract.




Present in brief, concise terms, a summary level description of the contents of the proposal and your company and its capabilities. Give the names of the person(s) who will be authorized to make representations for the proposer, their title(s), address (es), and telephone and fax number(s). The summary must be limited to a maximum of two pages and the signer of the proposal must declare that the proposal is in all respects fair and in good faith without collusion or fraud and that the signer of the proposal has the authority to bind the principal proponent.


TAB 2 – Experience and Ability


This RFP is for Debris Removal and Debris Management Site Management.  All work shall follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protective Agency(s) requirements to maintain a safe working environment. WPPJ has the right to increase or decrease the Contractor’s assignment and/or areas of operation within the scope of this contract.


Include any pertinent information needed to determine the proposer’s experience and ability to perform the anticipated work.  The proposer shall supply sufficient documentation that they are versed in all aspects of FEMA documentation, reimbursement and project management and debris removal work.



TAB 3 – Past Performance


The proposer shall include a list major debris removal projects completed within the past five years. Include any pertinent information needed to determine the proposer’s past performance regarding this/these projects..


The proposer shall provide at least three (3) references for contracts of a similar size and scope, (if available) including at least two references for current contracts or those awarded during the past five years. Include the name of the organization, the length of the contract, a brief summary of the work, and the name and telephone number of a responsible contact person. Also provide a description of any conflicts occurring over the last five years with these or any other contract for similar work.


TAB 4 – Understanding of Project Requirements


The proposer shall provide their interpretation of what is required to meet the needs of the WPPJ. The Proposer will use this document, their knowledge and experience to develop their understanding of this project. The proposer is urged to develop scenarios or examples to fully explain their position.  Proposer must include a copy of a current certificate of insurance issued to WPPJ, failure to do so may result in rejection of proposal.



TAB 5 – Approach and Method


The proposal will address the proposer’s ability to mobilize including what is anticipated for a maximum time to mobilize.


The proposer shall provide a complete scenario for how the work will be accomplished, the quality control, safety, and how FEMA requirements will be met. Include the operational processes for the debris reduction sites. The proposer should identify the resources they will mobilize and state their commitment and timeframe to deploy these resources when called upon. The proposer shall provide the management processes anticipated to be used. It shall include how the interaction may take place between the WPPJ, the Debris Management Consultant and the proposer. 




Fee ProposalForms


Proposals shall be submitted as follows.


All proposals must be delivered to Webster Parish Police Jury, 410 Main Street, Room 302, Minden, LA   71055  ATTN:  Ronda Carnahan, Treasurer,  no later than 4:30P.M.on

April 1, 2016.  Late proposals will be rejected. Failure to comply with this or any other paragraph of the Request for Proposals shall be sufficient reason for rejection of the



Please mark the written proposal envelope(s) as follows:


Debris Removal and Disposal Services


Time and Date , _______________________

Request for Proposal No. ________2016-100_____________


The front of each proposal envelope/container shall contain the following information for proper


  • The name and address of the proposer
  • The word “Proposal” and the RFP number
  • The time/date specified for receipt of proposals
  • The number of each envelope/container submitted (i.e. “1 of 3, “2 of 3”, “3 of  3”)



DOCUMENT.  The responsibility for submitting the proposal to the WPPJ on or before the above stated time and date is solely that of the proposer. The

WPPJ will in no way be responsible for delays in delivery or delays caused by any



All proposals must be in writing. Non-responsive proposals may not be considered. The signer of

the proposal must declare that the proposal is in all respects fair and in good faith without

collusion or fraud and that the signer of the proposal has the authority to bind the principal



The WPPJ shall not be liable for any costs incurred by a respondent prior to entering into

contract. Therefore, all respondent are encouraged to provide a simple, straightforward, and

concise description of their ability to meet the project requirements.



Of submissions, and the resulting negotiated agreement, in all instances the WPPJ’s decisions will be final.


The WPPJ’s’s evaluation criteria will include, but not be limited to, consideration of the following:


  • assigned to respondent’s knowledge of Federal Emergency Management Agency     

            Regulations and procedures.

  • assigned to respondent’s Operational Plan.
  • assigned to proposed price for work to be accomplished.
  • assigned to past performance record on work of similar nature, Financial Capabilities, and
  • Corporate History and Team Organization.


Other criteria the WPPJ frequently uses to evaluate submissions include:


  • Verification of availability of qualified personnel to perform the services requested.
  • Interviews with references with the evaluation team.
  • Proposed price for the work to be accomplished.




         The WPPJ shall evaluate the written proposals submitted by the firms regarding the proposed project. The WPPJ will assign this task to an evaluation team assigned by the Parish President. All respondents are placed in rank order based on the outcome.




         The WPPJ may require oral and visual presentations from those firms that are ranked or short-listed. This shall be done at the WPPJ’s sole discretion when it feels presentations are essential as part of the evaluation process and are in the best interests in this matter. 



With the consent and agreement of the successful bidder(s), purchases may be made under this

bid by other governmental agencies or political subdivisions within the State of Louisiana;

provided, however, that the WPPJ shall have no liability, responsibility, or obligation

whatsoever to either the successful bidder(s) or to the procuring agency or subdivision with

respect to such purchases. Such purchases shall be governed by the same pricing, terms and

conditions stated herein with no deviations allowed. This agreement in no way restricts or

interferes with the right of any public agency or political subdivision to bid any or all of the items

or services independently.







            The WPPJ reserves the right to waive any informality in any proposal, to reject any or all proposals in whole or in part, with or without cause, and/or to accept the proposal that in its judgment will be in the best interest of the WPPJ and its citizens.




            All questions concerning this Request for Proposals must be directed through:


            Ronda Carnahan, Parish Treasurer

            TELEPHONE: (318) 377-7564


FACSIMILE:    (318) _371-2366__________

            410 Main Street, Room _302_ Webster Parish Courthouse

            Minden, Louisiana   71055


            All telephone conversations are to be considered unofficial responses and will not be binding. Questions, verifying the Request For Proposals’ content, if appropriate, will be responded to in writing, likely by e-mail.. The written response will be the WPPJ’s official response and will be sent by like means to all Respondents that requested the Request for Proposals.






  • By submitting a proposal in response to this solicitation, the respondent agrees to –
  • Not discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of their race, creed, color, sex, marital status or national origin;
  • Place or cause to be placed a statement in all solicitations or advertisement for job applicants, including subcontracts, that the respondent is an “Equal Opportunity Employer”.




The proposer/contractor shall indemnify and save harmless the WPPJ, its officials, insurer and employees, from all losses, damages, costs, expenses, liability, claims, actions, and judgments of any kind whatsoever brought or asserted against, or incurred by, the WPPJ, including without limitation attorney’s fees and costs of litigation, to the extent that the same arise out of or are caused by any act or omission of the consultant, its sub consultants or subcontractors, or by the employees, officers, directors, or agents of the consultant, or its subcontractors.




  1. If this solicitation is amended, the WPPJ will issue an appropriate addendum to the solicitation.  If any addendum is issued, all terms and conditions that are not specifically modified shall remain unchanged. 
  2. Proponents shall acknowledge receipt of each addendum to this solicitation using one of the following methods:
  3. By signing and returning the addendum;
  4. By signing letter;
  5. By signing facsimile (subject to the conditions specified in the provision entitled “FACSMILIE DOCUMENTS”.)


The WPPJ must receive the acknowledgment by the time and date,

and at the location specified for the receipt of proposals.


6.4       PAYMENT:


Withholding Payment

In the event a contract is canceled under any provision herein, the WPPJ may withhold from the Contractor any monies owed on that or any contract, an amount sufficient to compensate for damages suffered because of the violation resulting in cancellation.




Upon submittal of this request for proposal the  submitting Contractor  shall procure, pay for, and maintain at minimum the following insurance coverage’s with the stated limits or greater.  Said insurance shall be evidenced by delivery to the Owner of (1) certificates of insurance executed by the insurers listing coverage’s and limits, expiration dates and terms of policies and all endorsements whether or not required by the Owner, and listing all carriers issuing said policies; and (2) upon request a certified copy of each policy, including all endorsements. The insurance requirements shall remain in effect throughout the term of this Contract and any additional extensions. In addition, the Owner reserves the right to request physical evidence of this coverage by requesting the policy declaration page, and/or an estopped from the agent and/or company verifying the coverage is and/or has been continually in effect.


The Contractor shall secure and maintain, at its sole cost and expense during the contract term and any subsequent extensions, the following insurance:


  • Commercial General Liability- in the amount of Three million dollars ($3,000,000.00) aggregate/one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence. The General Aggregate limit shall either apply separately to the resulting contractor or shall be at least twice the required occurrence limit.


  • Comprehensive Automobile and Water Vehicle Liability - covering any automotive equipment to be used in performance of the service, with a minimum limit in the amount of one Million dollars (1,000,000.00) per occurrence combined single limit / Any Auto.Physical Damage Insurance covering owned or rented machinery, tools, equipment, office trailers, and vehicles.
  • Worker's Compensation -Proposer shall provide a policy with employers liability coverage with limits of not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence for each accident or illness. The Worker’s Compensation policy shall state that it cannot be cancelled or materially changed without first giving thirty (30) days prior notice thereof in writing to the Owner. Firms that have owner/operators that have filed a "Notice of Election to be Exempt" shall supply a signed copy of said notice.

Any such exemption shall meet the requirements that qualify for an exemption under the applicable Worker’s Compensation law.

  • Pollution and Remediation Liability

A.       Limits:  with limits of not less than three million dollars ($3 000,000.00) annual aggregate / two million dollars ($2,000,000.00) per occurrence, including the cost of defense during the term of the contract and for a period of five (5) years following the completion thereof. Such coverage shall include, but not be limited to:


  • Pollution Legal Liability- (legal liability arising out of the discharge, dispersal, release, seepage, migration or escape of smoke, vapors, soot, fumes, acids, alkalis, toxic chemicals, liquids or gasses, hazardous materials, waste materials, or other irritants, contaminants, pollutants, into or upon the land, the atmosphere, or any watercourse or body of water, including groundwater at, under, or emanating from the work).
  • Remediation Legal Liability Expense - expenses incurred for or in connection with investigation, monitoring, removal, disposal, treatment, or neutralization of a condition arising from the discharge, dispersal release, seepage, migration, or escape of smoke, vapors, soot, fumes acids, alkalis toxic chemicals, liquids or gases, hazardous materials, waste materials, or other irritants, contaminants, or pollutants into or upon the land, the atmosphere, or any watercourse or body of water, including groundwater at, under, or emanating from the work, as well as the cost to repair or replace real or personal property damaged during the course of Remediation Expense in order to restore the required Federal, State, Local, or Provincial laws, ordinances, regulations, or statutes, or any subsequent amendments thereof; and
  • Transportation Legal Liability / Expense Pollution Legal Liability or Remediation Legal Liability/Expense arising out of the movement by the Contractor of product or waste of the Owner to its final delivery point as specified in the resulting contract.


Contractor agrees that the insurer shall waive it rights of subrogation, if any, against the Owner on Commercial General Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance coverage. The ACORD Certificate of Liability Insurance, with endorsements, shall be completed by the authorized Agent and returned to the Owner.

Loss Deductible Clause: The Owner shall be exempt from, and in no way liable for, any sums of money that may represent a deductible in any insurance policy. The payment of such deductible shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor

The Contractor shall promptly remedy damage and loss to property caused in whole or in part by the Contractor, its subcontractors of every tier, anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them, or anyone for whose acts they may be liable.


B.         Conditions:

Each insurance policy shall include the following conditions by endorsement to the policy:

  1. Each policy shall require that thirty (30) days prior to expiration, cancellation, non­renewal or any material change in coverage’s or limits, a notice thereof shall be given to the Owner by certified mail to: Contractor shall also notify the Owner, in a like manner, within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt, of any notices of expiration, cancellation, non-renewal, or material change in coverage received by said Contractor from its insurer; and nothing contained herein shall absolve the Contractor of this requirement to provide notice.
  2. Companies issuing the insurance policy, or policies, shall have no recourse against the Owner for payment of premiums.

The term "Owner" shall include all Authorities, Boards, Bureaus, Commissions, Divisions, Departments, and Offices of the WPPJ and individual members, elected officials, employees thereof in their official capacities, and/or while acting on behalf of the Owner.


  1. Owner shall be named as an additionally insured on all policies of insurance. The policy clause "Other insurance" shall not apply to any insurance coverage currently held by the Owner to any such future coverage, or to the Owner’s Self Insured Retentions as, if any, of whatever nature.







Name of Firm: ______________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________


City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________


Telephone: _____________________  Fax: _______________________


Contractor’s License Number: __________________________________


Authorized Signature: ________________________________________

(provide evidence of signing authority)


Name and Title: _____________________________________________


NOTE:  Respondents are to make no changes to the table below and are to fill it out completely.

Values must be provided for all categories below or your response may be deemed non-responsive.



Pricing Schedule

A.Right of Way (ROW) Clearing and/or removing debris from the public right-of-way, streets and roads

1.      Load and  Haul vegetative debris to a Debris Management Site (DMS):            


                                      $ ____________ per cubic yard for 0-5 miles, one-way haul


                                      $ ____________ per cubis yard for 5.1-10 miles, one-way haul


                                      $ ____________per cubic yard for 10.1-15 miles, one way haul


                                      $_____________per cubic yard for 15.1-30 miles, one way haul



  1. Load and Haul Construction and Demolition (C&D) and Mixed Debris .      


  1. Load  and Haul Construction and Demolition (C&D) and Mixed Debris  to a Debris Management Site (DMS)



                                      $ ____________ per cubic yard for 0-5 miles, one-way haul


                                      $ ____________ per cubis yard for 5.1-10 miles, one-way haul


                                      $ ____________per cubic yard for 10.1-15 miles, one way haul


                                      $_____________per cubic yard for 15.1-30 miles, one way haul



  1. Load and  Haul C&D and Mixed Debris directly to final disposal


                                      $____________ per cubic yard for 0-5 miles, one-way haul


                                      $ ____________ per cubis yard for 5.1-10 miles, one-way haul


                                      $ ____________per cubic yard for 10.1-15 miles, one way haul


                                      $_____________per cubic yard for 15.1-30 miles, one way haul


  1. Management and operation of DMS to accept, process, and reduce disaster related debris


  1. The cost associated with managing, accepting, processing, and reducing vegetative debris through grinding


                       $ __________ per cubic yard

  1. The cost associated with managing, accepting, processing, and reducing vegetative debris through burning,


                       $ ____________ per cubic yard



3.  The cost associated with managing, accepting, processing, and reducing construction and demolition debris through compaction


                       $ ____________ per cubic yard

  1. Haul out

        Haul out residual debris to final disposal


                       $ ____________ per cubic yard for 0-15 miles, one-way haul


                       $ ____________ per cubis yard for 15.1-30 miles, one-way haul


                       $ ____________per cubic yard for 30.1-60 miles, one way haul




  1. Loading and hauling of white goods


                                                                                                                                       $ ____________ per unit


  1. Removal and disposal of freon


                                                                                                                                       $ ____________ per unit


  1. Derelict vehicle and vessel removal (from land)

Pricing proposal for vehicle and vessel recovery:


                       1.  Transfer/Tow of typical passenger car:                      $ ____________ ea




  1. E-Waste

Contractor to collect from ROW and dispose at an owner approved site:


                                                                                                             $ ____________ per unit




  1. Household hazardous waste

Contractor to collect from ROW and dispose at an owner approved site:


           $ ____________ per pound



  1. Tire removal

       Tire Removal and Disposal or Recycle            


                                                                                                     $ ____________ each



                                     $________per linear foot 


Webster Parish Police Jury   -   Webster Parish Courthouse Annex

401 Main St., 1st Floor - P.O. Box 389 - Minden, LA 71058 - (318) 377-7564 Office - (318) 371-2366 Fax