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Proposal For Debris Monitoring, Disaster Recovery and Emergency Planning Services
Mar 23, 2016 --





The Webster Parish Police Jury solicits sealed proposals for the following:




            The proposals must be in hand of the undersigned no later than 4:30 p.m. Friday April 1, 2016 in the third floor meeting room of the Webster Parish Courthouse, 410 Main Street, Minden, Louisiana 71055.


            Procurement Documents may be obtained at: Webster Parish Courthouse 410 Main St. Minden, LA 71055 Room 302


            Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Webster Parish Police Jury at (318) 377-7564



            The Webster Parish Police Jury is a tax exempt governmental agency. The Webster Parish Police Jury complies with the State of Louisiana Pubic Bid Law as stated on LA R.S. 38:2211


            The Webster Parish Police Jury will accept bids in accordance with Louisiana Public Bid Law Statues.





                                                                                    WEBSTER PARISH POLICE JURY           

                                                                                    Ronda C. Carnahan

                                                                                    Secretary- Treasurer







            March 22, 2016

            March 24, 2016

            March 29, 2016








                                    PARISH OF WEBSTER






The Webster Parish Police Jury (hereafter referred to as “PARISH ofWEBSTER”) for  the purpose of entering into a contract with a disaster recovery mitigation and debris management consultant (hereinafter referred to as the CONSULTANT) who will provide consulting and contract compliance monitoring services related to the contracted disaster debris removal and disposal activities. The services provided by the CONSULTANT will assist the PARISH in satisfying the FEMA Public Assistance Debris Monitoring and Reporting Requirements.    


The procedures for selection of the consultant will be in accordance with procurement requirements set forth by the Federal Government and the procedures set forth in the statement of qualification packet.  All responses received will be evaluated in accordance with the selection criteria and corresponding point system, which is further explained in the Request for Proposals Package.  The package also identified the scope of preliminary services to be performed by the chosen consultant.  The PARISH ofWEBSTER reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive informalities and to select the proposal that best suits its needs.


Interested parties are invited to request in person a Request for Proposals Package between the hours or 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday from the Webster Parish Police Jury, Office of the Secretary-Treasurer, 410 Main Street – Room 302,  Webster Parish Courthouse, Minden, LA   71055,  telephone (318) 377-7564SEALED responses to this request must be hand delivered or delivered by courier service to the PARISH of WEBSTER Secretary-Treasurer  Office at the above named address in such a manner that they are received no later than 4:30 p.m., April 1, 2016.  Proposals received after the above specified time will not be considered and shall be returned unopened to the sender.


The PARISH ofWEBSTER is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




















A.       Purpose


The PARISH ofWEBSTER is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants (“the consultant”) with expertise in Emergency Planning, Disaster Recovery and Debris Monitoring and Management.  The qualified consultant shall be responsible for Emergency Planning, Disaster Recovery and Hazard Mitigation activities that are inclusive of but not limited to managing and monitoring debris management projects, preparing Project Worksheets and Detailed Damage Inspection Reports, consulting with agencies to assure compliance with the Federal Programs as well as other applicable recovery and mitigation activities. In addition to having knowledge and experience in federal grant elements, the consultant shall also have the ability and experience in conducting federal and state agency consultations, review of construction (engineering) plans, Project Worksheet and Detailed Damage Inspection Report Preparation, and grant closeout reporting.


B.       Submission of Proposals


1.       One Original and Two (2)copiesof the project proposal must be submitted to the address located below on or before April 1, 2016 at 4:30 P.M. The original proposal shall be clearly marked as such. Proposals submitted late will not be considered.


2.       Proposals should be submitted to:

          Webster Parish Police Jury

          P.O. Box 389

          410 Main Street, Room 302

          Minden, LA   71055


Attn:  Ronda Carnahan, Secretary- Treasurer


3.       The envelope containing the Proposal must have “DEBRIS MONITORING, DISASTER RECOVERY, AND EMERGENCY PLANNING SERVICES” displayed on the outside of the envelope.


4.       This package contains information on qualification requirements of the Consultant and information required to be included in the proposal. Questions regarding the proposal should be directed to by telephone or by email at


5.       This Request for Proposals may be canceled at any time and any and all proposals may be rejected in whole or in part as the PARISH may determine that such actions are in the PARISH’s best interest.


6.       Proposals must include a cover letter, a description of the consulting firm’s capabilities and services, a discussion of the firm’s expertise relative to the background and experience requirements contained herein, and resumes of qualified professionals who will be responsible for completing assigned tasks. This material should also be provided for key sub-consultants.


C.       Addendum to the Request for Proposals


1.       This Request for Proposals shall not be modified in any way except by a written Addendum. Any such written Addendum shall be prepared by Purchaser and shall be mailed, faxed or emailed to each Consultant recorded by Purchaser as receiving this Request for Proposals package. Any Consultant submitting a proposal must acknowledge the receipt of any and all written Addendums in the cover letter to the proposal.


D.       Evaluation Criteria and Selection Process


1.       Firms must meet the minimum qualifications and requirements set forth in Section II of this Request for Proposals.  A very low rating in any of the categories will be sufficient cause for the rejection of the proposal.


2.       Respondents will be evaluated on the basis of written material submitted and according to the following factors.


Qualifications of the Firm:  

The qualifications, experience and past performance of the respondent will be judged against the scope of services. The same criteria will be applied to proposed sub-contractors which the respondent intends to employ.


Proposed staff qualifications and experience:

The evaluation team will review the resumes of the respondent’s proposed staff to determine the level and type of qualifications and experience as it relates to the scope of services.  The same criteria will be applied to the personnel of proposed sub-contractors which the respondent intends to employ.


The information on staff qualifications should include education, training, technical and project experience, names and points of contact of prior employers and dates of employment, relevant and related experience, job descriptions on current and prior projects and any applicable certifications. Resumes should include a list of knowledge, skills and abilities of the individual which qualify that individual for the assigned position that individual will hold.


Project methodology approach:

Each proposal will be evaluated on the respondent’s project approach. The respondent should submit a project plan which will allow the evaluation team to determine how the respondent will best meet the needs of the PARISH.



The cost evaluation will be based upon the hourly labor rates submitted by the respondent in Attachment A. In the event two or more respondents receive equal points, an interview will be conducted with each firm. It is Purchaser’s discretion to interview any potential respondents to this RFP. The final selection will be based on the proposal considered most advantageous to Purchaser.




A.       The Consultant shall be a full-service firm with a very high degree of professionalism and significant experience with these services.

B.       The Consultant shall have extensive experience providing disaster recovery debris management and monitoring services to governmental entities.

C.       It is preferred that the Consultant have experience working with FEMA Public Assistance Staff following a Presidentially Declared Major Disaster.





The selected firm will be expected to provide disaster debris monitoring services to include debris generated from the public rights-of-way, drainage areas/canals, waterways, and other public, eligible, or designated areas.


Specific services may include:

  1. Coordinating daily briefings, work progress, staffing, and other key items with the PARISH.
  2. Selection and permitting of DMS locations and any other permitting/regulatory issues as necessary.
  3. Scheduling work for all team members and contractors on a daily basis.
  4. Hiring, scheduling, and managing field staff.
  5. Monitoring recovery contractor operations and making/implementing recommendations to improve efficiency and speed up recovery work.
  6. Develop forms, databases, etc. for tracking field activities, submitting invoices to FEMA, FHWA, etc. Such forms, databases and invoices must be compatible with PARISH software and approved by designated PARISH personnel.
  7. Assisting the PARISH with responding to public concerns and comments.
  8. Certifying contractor vehicles for debris removal using methodology and documentation practices appropriate for contract monitoring.
  9. Entering load tickets into a database application.
  10. Digitization of source documentation (such as load tickets).
  11. Developing daily operational reports to keep the PARISH informed of work progress.
  12. Development of maps, GIS applications, etc. as necessary.
  13. Comprehensive review, reconciliation, and validation of debris removal contractor(s) invoices prior to submission to the PARISH for processing.
  14. Project Worksheet and other pertinent report preparation required for reimbursement by FEMA, FHWA and any other applicable agency for disaster recovery efforts by PARISH staff and designated debris removal contractors.
  15. Provide monitors to monitor disaster debris removal contractors to ensure collection is conducted in accordance with PARISH, FHWA, FEMA and other required standards, including contractual provisions specified in PARISH disaster debris collection contract. Ensure that only eligible debris quantities are being claimed for Public Assistance.
  16. Provide monitors at designated check points to check and verify information on debris removal and at Debris Management Sites (DMSs) located throughout the PARISH.
  17. Debris monitors must have the ability to estimate debris quantities, differentiate between debris types, properly fill out load tickets and follow all safety procedures. Responsibilities of monitors include, but are not limited to:
  18. Report issues to their direct supervisor which require action, such as safety concerns, debris removal contractor noncompliance and equipment use.
  19. Properly and accurately complete and physically control load tickets.
  20. Ensure that trucks are accurately credited for their load.
  21. Ensure that trucks are not artificially loaded (ex: debris is wetted, debris is fluffed, not compacted).
  22. Ensure that hazardous wastes are not mixed in loads.
  23. Ensure that C&D debris is not mixed in loads of vegetative debris.
  24. Ensure that all debris is removed from trucks at DMSs.
  25. Report if improper equipment is used.
  26. Report if debris removal contractor personnel safety standards are not followed.
  27. Report if general public safety standards are not followed.
  28. Report if completion schedules are not on target.
  29. Ensure that only debris specified in the contract is collected and is identified as eligible or ineligible.
  30. Assure work is within the assigned scope of work.
  31. Report to supervisor if debris removal work does not comply with all local ordinances as well as State and Federal regulations (i.e., proper disposal of hazardous wastes).
  32. Debris monitors are to submit daily reports on load quantities
  33. Disaster related damage assessment and reconstruction services, as needed.
  34. Final report and appeal preparation and assistance.
  35. Cost recovery of eligible funds currently not obligated or potentially de-obligated by appropriate funding agencies. Separate pricing structures for this service may be included in the Consultant's proposal.
  36. Other disaster recovery services as requested by the PARISH.


  2. The selected firm(s) shall provide on the work site(s) a qualified accessible supervisor(s) or liaison officer as directed. At least one (1) accessible and designated supervisor in the area of operation and the liaison officer shall have full authority to act on behalf of the Firm(s) and its subcontractors and all communications given to the supervisor or liaison officer in writing by COE's authorized representative shall be as binding as if given to the Firm(s).


  • Adequately handle property damage claims which result from contractor's errors or omissions.
  • CONSULTANT shall review, validate and reconcile debris management contractor(s) invoices prior to submission to the PARISH for processing. The CONSULT ANT shall conduct a meeting at the beginning of the debris management operation to fully explain the process to the PARISH, debris contractor(s) and FEMA representatives. All invoices from the debris contractor(s) shall be directed to the CONSULTANT.
  • The invoices shall be reviewed by the CONSULT ANT to be accepted or rejected in a timely manner. The CONSULTANT shall issue in writing to the PARISH and the debris contractor, the acceptance or rejection of the invoices and a payment recommendation. If the invoice is rejected, the monitoring CONSULTANT shall clearly state the reasons for rejection and work with the debris contractor to resolve immediately.
  • Only invoices that are accurate and complete will be forwarded to the PARISH's Project Manager for payment.
  • CONSULTANT shall assist the PARISH in reviewing and processing requests for payment by the debris removal and disposal contractor(s) as well as in preparing final reports necessary for reimbursement by FEMA, FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) and other applicable agencies by PARISH staff and designated debris removal and disposal contractor(s).
  • CONSULTANT shall assist in ensuring that processing of federal funding is done as quickly as possible, by verifying the following information is accurate and promptly provided:
  • Review of debris contractor invoices
  • Monitoring information
  • Project Status Reports
  • Completed Load tickets
  • CONSULTANT payroll
  • Review of debris contractor equipment hours of operation
  • Vehicle certifications
  • Start and end dates of the first debris removal pass and all subsequent passes
  • CONSULTANT shall provide professional oversight to monitor compliance with environmental and transportation regulations, FEMA reporting requirements, and any other federal, state, or local regulation that pertains to debris recovery operations. The CONSULTANT shall stay current with FEMA and FHWA policies and procedures and notify the PARISH's Project Manager immediately as changes occur.
  • CONSULTANT shall be capable of providing a 1-800 service to respond and report on resident inquiries during the performance of debris removal and disposal activities.
  • CONSULTANT shall provide regular status updates to the PARISH's Project Manager for public information use.
  • CONSULTANT shall provide appropriate staff to assist with damage complaints resulting from the debris removal. Complaints shall be tracked and forwarded to the project management team to be resolved with the debris contractor(s). A weekly log of such complaints and their resolution shall be provided to the PARISH's Project Manager.  Upon request of the PARISH, the CONSULTANT may also be called upon to provide appropriate staffing of a customer call center to assist with public telephone inquiries, concerns and complaints regarding debris removal operations.
  • CONSULTANT shall provide the PARISH's Project Manager and the debris contractor(s) with daily Disaster Debris Status Reports. Each daily report shall contain the following:
  • Overview of daily activities including status of damage complaints
  • Cumulative debris tally by debris site
  • Cumulative debris tally by day
  • Summary of monthly debris removal efforts (cumulative and by debris site)
  • Summary of mulch removal efforts (cumulative and by debris site)
  • Summary of mixed/construction & demolition removal efforts (cumulative and by debris site)
  • Stump volume by site
  • Debris site status
  • Labor force report
  • Debris site processing equipment summary


This reporting is due no later than 12:00 noon the following business day or as requested by the PARISH

  • CONSULTANT shall complete a certification on each vehicle deemed appropriate for collection. In addition to completing vehicle certification forms, photographs must be taken of each vehicle showing the vehicle number and type of vehicle. These photographs shall be attached with the certification. Original copies of these certifications, including photographs, shall be retained by the CONSULTANT on behalf of the PARISH and provided to the PARISH upon their request or project completion. Additional copies shall be provided to the debris removal contractor and the vehicle driver. Once these vehicles are certified, random verifications shall be performed at each OMS to assure that no vehicle modifications have been made and to confirm data accuracy.
  • CONSULTANT shall measure the volume to the nearest one-tenth (1/10) cubic yard of usable space for each debris collection vehicle. The CONSULTANT shall complete the Vehicle Certification Form provided for each vehicle. The original Vehicle Certification Form shall be delivered to the PARISH Project Manager or designee. The PARISH Vehicle Certification Form will have the following information:


  1. Vehicle make, model
  2. Length
  3. Width
  4. Height
  5. Volume in cubic yards
  6. Tag number of vehicle
  7. VIN number of vehicle
  8. Vehicle type
  9. Driver of vehicle name (printed) and signature
  10. Sub-Contractor representative name (printed) and signature
  11. Certification monitor name (printed) and signature certifying vehicle
  12. Date
  13. Vehicle certification number
  14. CONSULTANT's Project Manager or designee shall review all truck certification forms with the debris contractor to assure completeness and accuracy of each form before forwarding to the PARISH'S Project Manager or designee.



Written daily reports denoting areas worked, quantities removed, quantity of equipment in service, area to be worked the following day or days, weather report, problems and issues noted, problems and issues corrected.



Payments associated with this contract will be in accordance with Task Orders issued by the Purchaser. Task Orders will be in accordance with individual grants received by the Purchaser or in accordance with tasks desired by the Purchaser in support of disaster recovery and debris management and monitoring activities. No payments are intended or implied outside of specifically negotiated Task Orders. This contract has a period of performance of ONE year (12 months) with the option of two additional one-year renewal periods to be executed solely upon the discretion of the PARISH based on contractor performance.




  1. Cover Letter – Include the name of the contact person for the Consultant. Acknowledge receipt of any Addenda that may be issued by Purchaser.
  2. History of the Firm – Provide a detailed history of the Consultant’s firm, qualifications, and prior experience that relates to this project.
  3. Project Approach – Describe the Consultant’s approach to the needs specified in Section III.
  4. Staff Qualifications – Provide detailed biographical information on the individuals who will provide project services, including education, training, and experience.
  5. References – List the names, addresses, and phone number of at least five (5) references for whom the Project Manager’s Team has provided similar services. Please provide a list of services that these references have utilized.
  6. Other – Include any other pertinent information that may be used by the PARISH to evaluate the Consultant’s proposal.
  7. Please fill out Attachment A with all hourly rates that apply.



Attachment A



Debris Monitoring Classification

Hourly Rate

Project Manager


Operations Manager


Field Supervisor


Collection Monitor


Tower Monitor


Data Manager


Clerical/Data Entry



































Name of Firm: ______________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________


City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________


Telephone: _____________________  Fax: _______________________


Contractor’s License Number: __________________________________


Authorized Signature: ________________________________________

(Provide evidence of signing authority)


Name and Title: _____________________________________________


NOTE:  Respondents are to make no changes to the table below and are to fill it out completely.

Values must be provided for all categories below or your response may be deemed non-responsive. 


Webster Parish Police Jury   -   Webster Parish Courthouse Annex

401 Main St., 1st Floor - P.O. Box 389 - Minden, LA 71058 - (318) 377-7564 Office - (318) 371-2366 Fax