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Public Notices > Building Code Ordinance #982- Amended
Building Code Ordinance #982- Amended
Feb 6, 2024 --


As of February 6, 2024, the Webster Parish Police Jury has amended

 Webster Parish Building Code Ordinance#982 to ensure the safety and protection of all citizens. The changes are:


Electrical: A permit shall not be required for minor repair work, including the replacement of lamps, the repairing flush, and snap switches, replacing fuses, changing lamp sockets and receptacles, taping bare joints, and repairing drop cords or the connection of approved portable electrical equipment to approved permanently installed receptacles.

  • Section 5 PERMITS

Application for permit: All new construction and additions/renovations permits will require the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical contractors to purchase a separate permit for the proposed work. Each trade permit will cost $50.00 per job/location. The applicant shall first file an application for a permit with the Webster Parish Building Department by the person, or his designee, proposing to perform the work. Such application shall describe the work to be performed; the premises on or in which such work will be performed; the electrical, plumbing, or mechanical contractor who will perform the work; and such additional information as may be required by The Webster Parish Building Department. When issued, the permit shall not be transferable from one electrical contractor to another, and if the owner of the premises desires to have another electrical contractor perform the work, a new permit application shall be filed as if the original permit for the work had never been issued.

  • Section 12 VIOLATIONS

Penalties: Any person who violates a provision of the code or fails to comply with any of the requirements thereof will be penalized $300 first offense, $700.00 second offense, and $1,200.00 third offense. After the third offense, the violator will be restricted from obtaining a permit in Webster Parish for one year.


BE IT ORDAINED that this ordinance and amendments will supersede all prior resolutions or ordinances of the Webster Parish Police Jury, which are in conflict. THUS DONE, CONSIDERED AND ADOPTED by the Police Jury voted on this day

February 6, 2024.


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