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Minutes Bayou Dorcheat Watershed
Mar 30, 2012 --

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MARCH 13, 2012

6:00 PM


Members Present: Charles Walker, Vera Davison, Jerri Lee, Steve Lemmons, Randy Thomas, Charles Odom, Perry Kirkland, Jim Bonsall, Allen Gilbert, Steve Ramsey. Absent: Bruce Blanton and Daniel Thomas


Mr. Charles Walker called the meeting to order. Vera Davison opened with prayer.


Bossier/Webster Assist. DA, Patrick Jackson led the public hearing with a slide presentation-a proposal from the Shaw Group, on the creating the Bayou Watershed District. Webster Parish would create this district between Bossier and Webster Parishes.

Comments were taken from concerned citizens in the audience.

-James Madden stated concerns about giving up our control to Bossier Parish, the impact on the Sparta Aquifer and creating another government entity.

Mr. Jackson responded that an entity would be created like a water or sewer district and the Webster Parish Police Jury would appoint the members. The district would do a study to determine a bond for the rates for usage.

-Richard Noles had questions on why Bossier Parish was so interested in Bayou Dorcheat when they had other sources of water.

Mr. Jackson responded that Bossier/Webster parishes did a project analysis from the Shaw Group and took local areas that would be affected. Village Water System serves both parishes. Camp Minden and Webster Parish didn’t have the funding for the study and Bossier Parish did.

-Lane Merritt is concerned on who owns the water on Dorcheat and how can Webster control the water if it is owned by the state. He is also concerned on how much water will be taken out of Dorcheat. He stated he wanted this to be taken into consideration.

-Tom Goldman stated he believes that the aquifers are under pressure and more groundwater will need to be used.

Mr. Jackson responded that industry uses tons of water, Bayou Dorcheat has large recharge areas which will give some relief to the aquifers.

-Mike LaFleur questioned how much water Bossier Parish is pulling out per day.

Mr. Jackson responded that 32 water systems is interested in the Shaw study and 80% is in Webster. All of these systems would want the water and the board would take into consideration who would get the water first.

-Jack Causey, who lives on Lake Bistineau, is concerned about draining the lake and how Webster could control this if the State of Louisiana is controlling the draw down.

Jim Bonsall responded if Webster doesn’t take control over this someone else will come in and take over. This is the only chance we have to control it and the state will do what they want to.

Perry Kirkland also responded that the elected officials will control the board and the “people” will have control over the water through the elected officials by hearing their concerns.

-Eddie Dal Dunn is in favor of Webster Parish Police Jury taking control and appointing a board.

-Zack Burson is with Village Water System and he stated that Bayou Dorcheat is a resource that has been misused because of trees down and not being navigable because we haven’t conserved it properly.

-Dalton Morgan asked if we knew how much Dorcheat can be drawn down.

Mr. Jackson responded that we do have studies on water resource in the Shaw study for future use.


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Minutes of Public Hearing-- Continued



Lane Merritt stated that his concern is the water quality and permitting of this area.  He also asked about if horizontal wells would be considered.

Mr. Jackson will email Mr. Merritt information on his concerns

-Michael Owen with the LSU Ag Center, is in agreement that we need to take advantage of our natural resource.

Patrick Jackson closed the meeting stating that the study is ongoing and there will be four more phases to be done and we have only completed the first phase. The next step would be to authorize The Shaw Group to move forward.

There being no further business, the public hearing adjourned.




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