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Agendas & Minutes > Agenda- January 11, 2016
Agenda- January 11, 2016
Feb 1, 2016 --

                                   NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING



SWEAR IN JURORS  -- 10:00 A.M. 

JANUARY 11, 2016    10:00 a.m.

2016 – 2019 TERM OF JURORS – Oath Of Office- Webster Parish Police Jury  

District # 1:  Bruce Blanton                          District # 5 Bernard Hudson                        District # 9: Jerri M. Lee

District # 2: Allen Gilbert                              District # 6: Jim Bonsall                                District #10: Vera Davison

District # 3: Daniel Thomas                         District # 7: Steve Lemmons                        District #11: Steve Ramsey

District # 4: Randy Thomas                         District # 8: Nick Cox                                   District #12: Dustin Moseley



January 11, 2016

The Regular Meeting of the Webster Parish Police Jury will be held as follows:

DATE:                MONDAY, January 11, 2016

TIME:                10:30 A.M.


                                                            WEBSTER PARISH COURTHOUSE                                                                                                       410 Main Street, MINDEN, LOUISIANA   71055






  1. Election of Officers for the year 2016
  2. President
  3. Vice President


  1. Set Day and Time for Regular Police Jury Meetings to be held Monthly.  (1stTuesday at 10:30 a.m.)


  1. Signature Resolution authorizing the President and the Secretary-Treasurer to sign documents on behalf of the Webster Parish Police Jury for 2016.


  1. Additions to the agenda:  

               Re-Appoint Mary Whitaker Executive Director, WPPJ Office of Community Services.

               A- Approve Signature Resolution for Mary Whitaker for 2016

             4-A  Approve reappointment of Mary Whitaker Executive Director, WPPJ Office of Community Services

               Approve Signature Resolution for Mary Whitaker for 2016


        5.   Comments on Agenda


        6.     Appoint Ronda Carnahan,  Secretary-Treasurer for a 2-year Term  2016 - 2017

                Appoint Lisa Balkom,  Asst. Secretary-Treasurer for a 2-year Term 2016 – 2017


7.     Adopt the minutes from the December 1, 2015 Finance Committee Meeting, Intergovernmental Committee Meeting, and   the Road Committee Meeting; the December 1, 2015 Regular Meeting; and the December 14, 2015 Special Meeting.


5.A    Approve invoices for payment:  Monday, January 11, 2016:  Randy Thomas,
Steve Ramsey, and Bernard Hudson.


6-A  Ratify Action to adopt the End of Year Budget Amendments of the Webster Parish Police Jury


7-A    Adopt the 2016  Budget of the Webster Parish Police Jury with actual brought forward figures..


8.    Approve Audit Engagement of Allen Green and Williamson for the 2015 Audit of Financials, and to engage Jamison,  Wise,  and Martin, CPA for preparation of Trial Balance and other CPA duties.


9.    Public Works:

a.  Approve Bid Tabulation and recommendation for Road Materials for 2016

b.  Approve low bid and recommendation for Mowing of Rights of Way for 2016

c.   Resolutions:  a.  Town of Cullen; b.  Town of Sarepta


        10.                 Board Appointments:

  1. Springhill Fire District #11:  To appoint Danial Barnard; To reappoint Jackie Carathers; To reappoint Lisa Smith to the board.  Officers:  Tanya Capps, President; Brittany Gaddis, Vice President; and Tammy Carathers, Secretary.
  2. Sarepta Fire District # 5:  To reappoint Jeff Franklin Board President for 1 year; to reappoint Roger Schumacher, and Jim Bell to the Board representing the Parish.
  3. To appoint Mickey Chandler to fill the unexpired term of Bernard Hudson Dixie Inn Fire District # 7.


11.    Approve the following 2016 Video Poker Permits:       Approve the following 2016 Beer Permits:

a.  Timberland Truck Stop, L.L.C.                                  a.  Timberland Truckstop, L.L.C.

b.  Minden Truck Stop & Casino                                    b.  Sawmill Lounge

c.  Two Jacks Casino                                                     c.  Springhill Country Club

d.  Pot O’ Gold                                                               d.  Shongaloo Cross Roads Lounge

                                                                                       e.  Shongaloo Cross Roads Deli

f.  E-Z Mart # 117




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January 11, 2016









Mary Whitaker                    Webster Parish P.J. Office Community Services                        

Wanda Finley                      Webster Parish Head Start

Beverly Hammett                Webster Parish Library

Lynn Dorsey                        Webster Parish Convention and Tourism

Joan Almond                      Webster Parish LSU AG

COL Carl Thompson           Webster Parish Assessor, Morris Guin

John Stanley                       Webster Parish Homeland Security

LTC Brad Kendall               Louisiana Military, Installation Commander









                                                                                          Ronda C. Carnahan      

          Ronda C. Carnahan


In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance, please contact                   Ronda C. Carnahan                      at 318-377-7564 , describing the assistance that is necessary. 


Webster Parish Police Jury   -   Webster Parish Courthouse Annex

401 Main St., West Entrance - P.O. Box 389 - Minden, LA 71058 - (318) 377-7564 Office - (318) 371-2366 Fax