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Agendas & Minutes > Minutes- February 7, 2016
Minutes- February 7, 2016
Feb 10, 2017 --




February 7, 2017


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Jim Bonsall, President; Vera Davison, Vice President; Steve Lemmons, Daniel Thomas, Steve Ramsey, Bruce Blanton, Randy Thomas, Dustin Moseley, Bernard Hudson, Allen Gilbert, Jerri Lee, and Nick Cox


Mr. Jim Bonsall, President, called the meeting to order and asked COL Carl Thompson to open the meeting with prayer and C. C. “Cat” Cox, Alderman, Village of Cotton Valley lead in the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Mr. Bruce Blanton moved, seconded by Allen Gilbert to add to the agenda #14.  Tourism appointment and # 15 Mr. John Madden .  Motion carried unanimously.


There were no comments concerning the agenda.


Mr. Dustin Moseley moved, seconded by Mr. Daniel Thomas to approve invoices for payment pending review of the committee.  Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Daniel Thomas moved, seconded by Mr. Nick Cox to approve the Minutes of the January 3, 2017 Regular Meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Daniel Thomas moved, seconded by Mr. Bernard Hudson to notice the landowners of the following rights of way that a public hearing will be held March 7, 2017 to consider the abandonment:

a.  306 Feet at the end of Russell Road

b.  369 foot right of way – Red Vaughn Road

c.  Deacon Road, WP# 181

Motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Vera Davison moved, seconded by Mr. Nick Cox to approve expenses for Jurors and Staff to attend the Police Jury Convention to be held March 14- March 17, 2017 in Lake Charles.  Motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Jerri M. Lee moved, seconded by Mr. Randy Thomas to approve the engagement of Allen Green and Williamson to apply agreed-upon procedures set by LADEQ for the Webster Parish Landfill Financial obligation for closure/post closure cost.  Motion Carried unanimously.


Mr. Allen Gilbert moved, seconded by Ms. Vera Davison to approve a Resolution giving signature authority to Mary Whitaker for the 2017 financial year.  Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Allen Gilbert moved, seconded by Mr. Bruce Blanton to approve the use of recreational funding for District #2               $400.00 for the Cullen Senior Center.  Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Daniel Thomas moved, seconded by Mr. Steve Ramsey to approve the following board appointments:

a.  Sarepta Water Works District, reappointment of Andy Hanson to serve as Vice-President of the Commission.

b.  Cullen Fire District # 6, appointment of Mr. Leon Allison to replace Mr. Michael Lawler as the parish appointment.

c.  Sarepta Fire District #5, approve the re-appointment of Mack Garrett and Sam Sandlin for the Town of Sarepta appointment.

d.  Sarepta Fire District #5, approve the re-election of Jeff Franklin to serve as board President.

e.  Heflin Fire Protection District, to approve the re-appointment of Scott Mizell and Joe Lynn Robinson to the board, term expiring May, 2018.

Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Bernard Hudson moved, seconded by Mrs. Jerri Lee to approve the agreement with Louisiana Department of Transportation to close the railroad crossing on LA 1108 (off of Hwy U.S. 80) and continue with the right of way swap of  U.S. 80 Spur in McIntyre to be traded for Goodwill Road (portion of).  Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Bruce Blanton moved, seconded by Mr. Dustin Moseley to approve the notice of intent to call a meeting on April 4, 2017 to consider adopting a Resolution calling for an election in Road District B of Webster Parish – SEE BELOW-  Motion carried unanimously.

Notice of Public Meeting

Notice is hereby given that at its meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. at

the Police Jury Meeting Room, Webster Parish Courthouse, 410 Main Street, Minden, Louisiana,

the Police Jury of the Parish of Webster, State of Louisiana, plans to consider adopting a

resolution ordering and calling an election to be held within Road District B of Webster Parish,

Louisiana to authorize the continuation of an ad valorem tax.


Mr. Bruce Blanton moved, seconded by Mr. Daniel Thomas to approve the appointment of Karen Stevens Calvert to the board of directors of the Webster Parish Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to fill the unexpired term of Joan Roan who resigned.  Motion carried unanimously.


The next item on the agenda is Mr. John Madden with Madden Construction who spoke for the Camp Minden business, ESI.  ESI currently has a contract with the Louisiana Military Department to dispose of M-6 and CBI that is still on site from EXPLO’s stockpile.  Mr. Madden is in favor of  extending the contract and ESI remaining at Camp Minden.  Mr. Madden made a presentation in favor of keeping the chamber in operation.  There followed extensive discussion.

Mr. Jim Bonsall stated that to resend the Resolution that was passed in December would be to act hastily again.    Mr. Bonsall stated that the he felt that the Jury passed the Resolution in haste, and he does not want to see the Jury take action until the matter was fully evaluated. Mr. Bonsall thanked Mr. Madden for the information he  provided.

COL Carl Thompson spoke to the Jury concerning his involvement in the groundwork for the transfer of power from the Federal government to the Louisiana Military Department. 



Mary Whitaker                                                    Webster Parish Police Jury Office of Community Services

Beverly Hammett                                                Webster Parish Library

Joan Almond                                                      Webster Parish LSU Ag Center

Beth Clark                                                          Webster/Claiborne LSU Agent (newly installed

Allen Moseley, RN PA                                       Webster Parish Coroner- Max Stell, M.D.

COL Carl Thompson, Ret.                                  Webster Assessor, Morris Guin

Jerry Madden                                                      Webster Parish Tourism and Visitor’s Bureau



Rebecca Shelley, CAG- Ms. Shelley requested to b put on the agenda for the March 7, 2017 meeting.

C.C. “Cat” Cox, Cotton Valley Alderman

Mayor Alexander, Cotton Valley

Linda Williams, Cotton Valley Alderman



Mr. Dustin Moseley moved, seconded by Mrs. Jerri M. Lee to adopt the minutes from the committee meetings that were held earlier today.  Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Allen Gilbert

Mr. Bernard Hudson

Mr. Steve Ramsey- Road Committee

Mr. Nick Cox

Mr. Steve Lemmons -  Buildings and Grounds Committee

Ms. Vera Davison- Administrative Committee

Mr. Bruce Blanton- Equipment Committee and Economic Development Committee

Mr. Daniel Thomas- Intergovernmental Committee

Mr. Randy Thomas – Environmental Committee

Mrs. Jerri Lee – Community Services Committee

Mr. Dustin Moseley- Envirnomental Clean-Up Camp Minden Steering Committee

Mr. Jim Bonsall  - Finance Committee


President gave closing comments.

There being no other business to bring before the committee, the meeting adjourned.





Ronda C. Carnahan                                                                                         Jim Bonsall 


Webster Parish Police Jury   -   Webster Parish Courthouse Annex

401 Main St., West Entrance - P.O. Box 389 - Minden, LA 71058 - (318) 377-7564 Office - (318) 371-2366 Fax