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Agendas & Minutes > Minutes- Special Meeting February 23, 2017
Minutes- Special Meeting February 23, 2017
Feb 24, 2017 --



February 23, 2017


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Jim Bonsall, President; Vera Davison, Vice President; Steve Lemmons, Steve Ramsey, Bruce Blanton, Dustin Moseley , Jerri Lee, Nick Cox, Allen Gilbert, and Randy Thomas

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Daniel Thomas, and Bernard Hudson

PARISH AGENCY:  Jenny Reynolds, Homeland Security/OEP Director for Webster Parish


Several members of CAG and Concerned Citizens were in attendance.


Mr. Jim Bonsall called the meeting to order, and asked Steve Lemmons to open the meeting with prayer.  Mr. Bonsall then led in the pledge of allegiance.  Mr. Bonsall gave an overview of the purpose of the Special Meeting.


Mr. Bonsall and Mr. Cox have been approached by Mr. John Madden to have an unbiased, independent study performed on the Stack Emission from the Burn Chamber located at Camp Minden and operated by ESI.  Questions have been raised that some of the chemicals are not being revealed in the current air quality testing because some of the test results are considered “Confidential Business Information”.   Mr. Madden has offered to pay the cost associated with the testing.


Discussion followed by Police Jurors:

Mr. Dustin Moseley said that he is not opposed to the testing.  But, this may be a peace of mind for what is currently being burned, not for what could come later.


Mr. Nick Cox stated that he was concerned about what Dr. Brian Salvatore had recently stated about the emission test at the burn chamber and had discussed this with Mr. John Madden.


Mr. Cox then asked Jenny Reynolds, Webster Parish Homeland Security/ OEP Director to give the Jurors a timeline of “Webster’s Journey through the M6 Disposal Emergency Order” (Key Events) beginning with October 15, 2012, the deflagration of unstable CBI, causing detonation of other explosives and the November 2012 discovery of illegally stored M6 to current ESI destruction of M6.


Mrs. Jerri Lee stated that the Police Jury has no funding available or budgeted for a study of this type and this would have to be funded by a private source.  Mrs. Lee also stated that the Police Jury is not the agency responsible for the ultimate decision on the ESI contract.


Ms. Reynolds asked to go on record as stating that ESI demonstrated proficiency and effectiveness throughout this entire process of the ongoing M6 destruction.  There have been no problems and there has not been an incident of explosive caused by unstable M-6.


With the understanding that no public funds (Police Jury) funds will be used for an independent study to be done on the stack emission from the Burn Chamber located at Camp Minden and operated by ESI, Mrs. Jerri Lee moved, seconded by Mr. Nick Cox to go forward with the feasibility of a study by an independent testing firm with the approval of all pertinent agencies and with legal review.  Motion carried unanimously.


There being no further business to bring before the Jury, the meeting adjourned.




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