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Agendas & Minutes > Agenda- October 3, 2017
Agenda- October 3, 2017
Sep 29, 2017 --

                                                                              NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING

October 3, 2017

The Regular Meeting of the Webster Parish Police Jury will be held as follows:                                                                                           

DATE:                       Tuesday, October 3, 2017

TIME:                       10:30 A.M.


                                        WEBSTER PARISH COURTHOUSE                                                                               

                                        410 Main Street, MINDEN, LOUISIANA   71055


PUBLIC HEARING: BOARD OF REVIEW:  To sit as a Board of Review of the 2017 assessment of real and personal property of the Parish of Webster, State of Louisiana.  Protest received:     1-Aaron’s Inc.:  #133276

                                                                                2-Branton, Parey Pershing Sr. ETAL:  #116722

                                                                                3-OHI Asset (LA), LLC:  #112749

                                                                                4-Springhill Sr. Housing:  #125360

                                                                                5-Unimin Corporation:  #133800; #134119; #134369; #134617




1.     Call to order


2.    Additions to the agenda:


3.    Audience Comments:


4.    To approve invoices for payment pending review by Juror Nick Cox on Monday, October 9,  2017.


5.    To adopt the minutes of the September 5, 2017 Road Committee, the Administrative Committee, the Buildings and Grounds Committee, the Environmental Committee, the Environmental Clean Up Camp Minden, the Finance Committee, the Equipment Committee, and the Community Services Committee Meetings, Economic Development Committee,  and the Intergovernmental Relations Committee; and the  September 5, 2017 Regular Meeting.  


6.    Morris Guin, Assessor, Webster Parish:  To review the tax roll for 2017.


7.    To take action concerning the protest presented in the Public Meeting:

                1-Aaron’s Inc.:  #133276

                2-Branton, Parey Pershing Sr. ETAL:  #116722

                3-OHI Asset (LA), LLC:  #112749

                4-Springhill Sr. Housing:  #125360

                5-Unimin Corporation:  #133800; #134119; #134369; #134617


8.    Approve the Certification of the Tax Roll of 2017 as presented by the Assessor


9.    Legislative Report by Senator Ryan Gatti


10.  Webster Parish “Off System” Bridge System Annual requirements for 2017:

        a- WPPJ Ordinance # 856- Amended

        b- Annual Certification of Compliance

        c- Signature Resolution


11.   Webster Parish Board Appointment:  Sarepta Water Works District:

        Reappoint Mr. Pete Schuler, Commissioner and Reappoint Mr. Thomas Garland, Commissioner

        and to Reappoint Mr. Garland Hughes, President.


12.   Approve Budget Amendments for the 3rdquarter 2017 of the Webster Parish Police Jury.  



Mary Whitaker                                                     Community Services                         

Wanda Finley                                                       Head Start

Beverly Hammett                                                  Library                                                                                                

Jerry Madden/ Johnny Kenn on                            WP C.V.B. (Tourism)

Joan Almond                                                        WP LSU Ag

 Allen Mosley                                                       WP Coroner, Max Ste l l, MD

 Carl Thompson                                                   Assessor, Morris Gu in

 Jenny Reynolds                                                  OEP/HS Director

John Barr                                                              Senator John Kennedy



                                                                                                Ronda C. Carnahan         

              Ronda C. Carnahan


In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance, please contact                 Ronda C. Carnahan               at 318-377-7564, describing the assistance that is necessary. 


Webster Parish Police Jury   -   Webster Parish Courthouse Annex

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