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Agendas & Minutes > Minutes- Special Meeting October 22, 2018
Minutes- Special Meeting October 22, 2018
Dec 19, 2018 --



October 22, 2018


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Jim Bonsall, President; Vera Davison, Vice President; Steve Lemmons, Daniel Thomas; Randy Thomas, Jerri Lee, Nick Cox, Bernard Hudson; and Steve Ramsey

MEMBER ABSENT: Allen Gilbert; Dustin Moseley; and Bruce Blanton



Mr. Jim Bonsall called the Special Meeting to order and asked Juror Steve Lemmons to open the meeting with prayer, Mr. Bonsall then led in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mr. Bonsall then asked for additions to the Agenda.  Mr. Steve Ramsey moved, seconded by Steve Lemmons to add to the agenda FEMA Phase IV Road Improvements.  Motion carried unanimously.


The purpose for the Special Called meeting is to call for an election in accordance with R.S. 18:402 and R.S. 18:602 to fill the anticipated vacancy resulting from the Notice of Resignation – Jack R. “Randy” Shelley, City Marshall, City of Minden, Parish of Webster (Ward I).  Mrs. Jerri Lee moved, seconded by Ms. Vera Davison to complete the obligation from the Secretary of State to call for an election to be held on March 30, 2018 to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Randy Shelley.  Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Bonsall asked Mr. Teddy Holloway to report on the progress for Phase III, Mr. Holloway reported that he will have the work completed in a week or so.  Discussion followed on continuing the FEMA Road Improvements and to possibly move into work on Phase IV.  Mr. Steve Ramsey moved, seconded by Mr. Steve Lemmons to begin Phase IV Road Construction, pending budget review and time allowed.

Motion carried unanimously.


There being no further business to bring before the committee, the meeting adjourned.


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Ronda C. Carnahan                                                                                  Jim Bonsall

Secretary-Treasurer                                                                                 President 


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