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Agendas & Minutes > Minutes- November 7, 2018
Minutes- November 7, 2018
Dec 19, 2018 --




November 7, 2018

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Jim Bonsall, President; Vera Davison, Vice President; Steve Lemmons, Bruce Blanton, Bernard Hudson; Daniel Thomas; Randy Thomas, Dustin Moseley; Jerri Lee, Nick Cox, and Steve Ramsey

MEMBER ABSENT: Allen Gilbert


Mr. Jim Bonsall, President, called the meeting to order, Ret. COL Carl Thompson opened the meeting with prayer and Juror Nick Cox led in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mr. Bonsall then asked for additions to the agenda.  There were no additions to the agenda.

There were no comments concerning the agenda.


Mrs. Jerri Lee moved, seconded by Mr. Randy Thomas to approve invoices for payment pending review by Juror Jim Bonsall.  Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Nick Cox moved, seconded by Ms. Vera Davison to adopt the minutes of the October 2, 2018 Committee Meetings- Road, Administrative, Buildings and Grounds, Environmental, Environmental Clean-up Camp Minden, Finance, Equipment, community Services, Economic Development, the October 2, 2018 Regular Meeting, and the  October 22, 2018 Special Called Meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Steve Ramsey moved, seconded by Mr. Bruce Blanton to approve a three parish – Bossier, Webster, and Bienville Parishes- Resolution in supporting the recommendations of the local District Biologist of LA W&F for waterbody management of Lake Bistineau.  Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Jeff Sibley, Biologist for Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries spoke to the Jury and thanked the Jury for their support of LA W&F management.


Mr. Daniel Thomas moved, seconded by Ms. Vera Davison to approve a Resolution supporting Bossier Parishes efforts to deny approval of any Transfer of Purse from Delta Downs to Evangeline Downs by the Louisiana State Racing Commission.  Motion carried with one abstain (Lemmons).


Mr. Steve Lemmons moved, seconded by Ms. Vera Davison to approve the use of recreational funds:

District #10 WP Council on Aging - $1,375.00 for the Meals on Wheels program.

District #7, Village of Dubberly - $60.00 for street signs

Motion carried unanimously.



Wanda Finley                                                           Webster Parish Head Start

Savannah Jones                                                       Webster Parish Library

Serena Gray                                                             Webster Parish Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Joan Almond                                                           Webster Parish Office of LSU Ag

Report for -                                                              Webster Parish Coroner- Max Stell, M.D.

COL Carl Thompson                                               Webster Parish Assessor, Morris Guin

Jenny Reynolds                                                       Webster Parish Office of Emergency P./H.S.

Brenda Mosley & Cadets                                          YCP Camp Minden

All cadets introduced themselves to the Jury.



Mr. Steve Ramsey moved, seconded by Mr. Steve Lemmons to approve the action taken at the Road Committee Meeting earlier today.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Vera Davison moved, seconded by Mrs. Jerri Lee to approve the action taken at the Administrative Committee meeting and the Finance Committee Meeting held earlier today.  Motion carried unanimously.


Jurors expressed their wishes for a happy Thanksgiving.

Mr. Jim Bonsall gave the Presidents closing remarks. 


There being no other business to bring before the Jury, the meeting adjourned.


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Ronda C. Carnahan                                                                                  Jim Bonsall

Secretary-Treasurer                                                                                 President



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