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Weather predictions for Webster
Expect flooding, power outages over next 48 hours
Oct 29, 2009 --

Webster Parish is expected to receive anywhere from 5"-8" of rainfall during the next 18-48 hours.  This significant rainfall will result in flash flooding, rising waters and rising flood levels on Bayou Dorcheat and Lake Bistineau.

While we expect flood levels to be similar to what we have already experienced in the last two weeks, rainfall amounts of 8" or more would most likely result in additional swelling of our waterways.  We strongly advise residents, particularly those in areas directly affected by Dorcheat Bayou and/or Lake Bistineau, to prepare their homes and properties.  Sandbags are available (see related situation report for more information).

In addition, the impending storms are also expected to produce additional strong winds which are likely to cause downed trees and power outages.  Residents should prepare their generators, fuel, batteries and other necessary items.

Drivers are strongly advised to stay off roadways if at all possible.  Officials are requesting that residents reschedule outings to avoid traveling dangerous roadways.

Any requests for emergency services or notifications of emergency or urgent situations should be directed to Webster officials by calling 911.


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