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DOTD closes La. 2 in Webster
- Town of Shongaloo isolated
Oct 31, 2009 --

Webster officials have just received word from the state department of transportation that Louisiana State Hwy. 2 which runs east and west from Sarepta to Shongaloo is being closed completely in Webster Parish due to extreme levels of rising waters.  Residents in Shongaloo and in the northeastern portions of the parish rely on either La. 2 or La. 157 to reach eastern or southern portions of the parish.  With this new development, northeast Webster residents will be isolated from normal routes, and their travels must be temporarily diverted through southern Arkansas or Homer in Claiborne parish.

Deputies are out now on La. 2 responding to a call for rescue that was reported when a driver traveled into high water and the vehicle was immediately flooded by high waters.  While the driver, who was the only passenger in the vehicle, is now safe continued efforts are in place to retrieve the car from the water.  This rescue will count as the second that has taken place on Hwy. 2 since this flood event began less than 36 hours ago. 

“This road closure will seriously impact residents in the northeast portion of Webster parish,” said Sheriff Gary Sexton. “Our folks in that area need to understand what is taking place so that they can properly prepare their temporary travel routes and times if they absolutely have to travel—but we’re still advising that it’s best to stay indoors if possible.  These floodwaters are just so dangerous.” 

Officials remind residents affected by this new closure that while emergency and medical response services are still available to that area, there could be unavoidable delays in such services.

“Emergency medical responders would be dispatched to any emergency needs in the northeast area from the Homer area in Claiborne parish,” explains Webster OHSEP Director John Stanley.  “That’s why it is so important for residents just to stay put and stay safe.  Of course any needs for emergency assistance should be reported by calling 911, as usual.  Our sheriffs and emergency responders will dispatch services and respond accordingly, ensuring such needs are addressed as quickly as possible.” 

Residents with existing medical conditions or special needs that may warrant impending need for medical services may want to prepare in advance by voluntarily relocating temporarily to an area closer to medical services.  Routes from the Shongaloo area to the north into Arkansas and around to Hwy. 371 South will bring residents back to the Springhill area; and routes to the east into Claiborne parish will bring residents to roadways traveling back into the Minden area. 

“We ask that people act smart and be patient through all of this,” added Sexton. “It’s inconvenient and difficult to deal with—but we’ll get through it fine if folks will remain patient and sensible.” 

More information about Webster parish roadways, flood levels and preparations is posted at www.websterparishla.org.






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