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Bayou Dorcheat exceeds initial predictions
Posted 8 a.m.
Oct 31, 2009 --

Initial flooding forecasts provided to officials by field experts have already been exceeded on Bayou Dorcheat in Springhill, according to monitors posted by the National Weather Service.  

Early estimates of a 20’ crest by 7 a.m. Saturday have been exceeded by the 3 a.m. reading officially posted noting levels of 20.23’.  The continually swelling waterways have attributed to severe flooding of low lying land and major roadways from Springhill to Shongaloo and beyond.  This includes the recent additional closure of Hwy. 2 in its entirety in Webster parish. 

According to the US Geological Surveys, water levels reaching 21’ (“major flood stage”) on Dorcheat at Springhill could also attribute to flooding of some homes near Shongaloo and Leton.  While no official reports have been made of flooded homes or structures in northern portions of Webster parish, officials advise residents to be aware and be prepared. 

Dorcheat at Dixie Inn is expected to reach levels of 23’ by Sunday afternoon, and Dorcheat at LakeBistineau is forecasted at 146’ by Wednesday afternoon; however time will tell if those early predications will be exceeded as well.  As of 4 a.m. Saturday, measurements of 21.1’ were reported at Dixie Inn and 144.9’ at LakeBistineau, which both met predictions only three hours early. 

Officials will continue to closely monitor Dorcheat flooding at Springhill, Dixie Inn and Bistineau in an effort to stay prepared and take appropriate actions.  Residents may also monitor levels and learn more about flood predictions and histories for Webster, and how they may potentially directly affect parish residents.  This information is posted and regularly updated at www.websterparishla.org.




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