Emergency Situation Reports > No homes reported flooded at this time
No homes reported flooded at this time
- Unruly drivers continue to ignore closures
11 p.m. -- Oct 31, 2009 --

Webster officials have received no reports of flooded homes at this time; however as Bayou Dorcheat at Dixie Inn crests in the next 24 hours, followed by Lake Bistineau in a few days, flooding of homes in low lying areas is expected.

Reports continue to come in, however, as unruly drivers repeatedly ignore road closures and high water warning signs in an effort to "chance" their way through rising waters.

Webster deputies responded tonight to the third vehicle rescue in less than 48 hours along LA Hwy. 2 between Sarepta and Shongaloo.  The driver of the vehicle is safe; however his vehicle was not so lucky.

"Why people continue to do this is something I'll never understand," said Sheriff's Office spokesperson Jenny Reynolds.  "It is an inconvenience to detour, I know--but jeopardizing your safety, the safety of those who have to rescue you, and your vehicle, for that matter, is clearly not worth the risk."

In tonight's incident, the driver reportedly maneuvered around closure signs and attempted to travel through the high waters in the darkness of night.  When a deer reportedly ran, or more likely waded, in front of him, he swerved toward the edge of the covered road where deeper and swifter waters left him wet and stranded. At the time of report, deputies on scene had not yet determined whether or not divers would be called for assistance in retrieving the vehicle from the flooded canal.

"We need folks to be smart and follow advisories and closures," explained Sheriff Gary Sexton.  "These closures and recommendations are established by a number of officials and field experts only in an effort to ensure the safety of people--not for the purpose of causing frustration and inconvenience."

Sexton additionally added that residents should be patient and compliant, as entering flooded areas is not only dangerous due to water and current; but also because flowing water as seen in this event can easily erode roadways causing weakness and washouts.

"Waters can very easily camouflage roads, making it impossible to see signs of instability on a road, and possibly an entire washout," Sexton said. "We're just trying to keep everyone safe so we can make it through this with as little serious impact as possible."


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