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Bistineau shows some signs of recession
Nov 5, 2009 --

Webster Parish officials report that Lake Bistineau has crested at 147.48’ and a slow recession is expected.  However, revised predictions indicate that the lake may drop to 146' by Tuesday morning.  At 146' some homes and roads will remain flooded, so some residents may be displaced for several more days.  Those staying in their flooded homes should understand that any needs for emergency services may be seriously delayed due to flooding and impassible roadways.  Officials still advise residents in severely flooded areas consider relocating until waters recede to a safe level for their safety and wellbeing.

“Once the water goes down we’ll be able to get in and take a look at damages,” said Webster Parish OHSEP Director John Stanley.  “While we aren’t counting on becoming eligible for federal funding for individual assistance, we will be conducting assessments in order to determine estimated damages to see if we can secure any help for uninsured homeowners. We ask people to be patient and continue following updates through the media to stay informed of our progress on this.”

Recession of some waters has resulted in the reopening of roadways including Hwy. 163 and Newsome Road.  High waters may still exist on opened roadways, and residents should travel cautiously to avoid problems.  Stay informed of the latest Webster parish updates by visiting www.websterparishla.org.


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