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Webster Officials Request Damage Assessments
Nov 5, 2009 --


The Webster Parish Office of Homeland Security is asking property owners who have experienced storm or flood damage to their homes or structures during the October/November storm and flooding events to report damages beginning tomorrow morning.
“While we aren’t counting or relying on approval for federal funding for individual assistance, we will be conducting assessments of estimated damages to determine if we can secure any financial help for owners of damaged properties,” explained John Stanley, director of Webster’s office of homeland security and emergency preparedness.  “But we’ll need to pave the way by establishing the need and validating damages before we’ll even know if we meet the required thresholds for such federal assistance.”
Property owners of homes or structures in Webster Parish that received either storm or flood damage during the recent storms and flooding events that affected the region in October and November 2009 are urged to report their damages by calling the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Department beginning at 8 a.m. tomorrow. 
“We aren’t looking for financial estimates of personal property damages,” explained Jenny Reynolds of the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Department.  “What we will need to capture is the location of, and indication of, the severity of the damage—was it a tree on the roof or six feet of water in the home, for example.”
Reports will be taken by Webster Sheriff’s operators at 318-377-1515 during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Friday, November 6 to Sunday, November 8.  Callers should be prepared to provide their names, street address of damaged property, two contact numbers, type of insurance or notification of being uninsured, type of damage and an estimate or indication of measurable damage.
“Once we review the information we collect we’ll be able to better determine if our parish will even be eligible for individual financial assistance,” added Stanley.  “We want folks to understand that reporting the damage is not guaranteeing them financial assistance for anything—but we need their help to see if the parish will collectively qualify. I hope folks will take the time to do this and help themselves.  It’s imperative that we have documented reports in order to move forward in the process of recovery.”


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